Luzia Flotzinger

2nd Unit Kamerafrau
1. Kameraassistentin
2. Kameraassistentin

Hello! My name is Luzy and I'm a 29 year old video creator based in Austria.
What brought me to filmmaking and what I truly love about it is the ability to act out my creativity. Putting ideas into reality. Telling stories via images. To catch, express and provoke emotions. I love thinking outside the box, being faced with challenges, playing with light, composition and rhythm to bring live to an image.

My life is fueled by my passionate, free spirit, seeing the “filmmakers’ world” as an adventure and exploration. I love each and every aspect of film making.
And when you have this passion and enjoy something so much, can you really call it work? 🙂

Currently I especially focus on editing, color grading, cinematography/camera operating and motion graphics.

That moment when I capture the intense energy of a scene - like an actor totally bringing the character to life, or people on a festival soaking in the music and just being in that very second – is just breathtaking and it’s amazing to be able to capture these unique stories. And those are the feelings I try to evoke in people watching my videos.

Definitely check out website to get an insight of my latest projects.